1. Introduction To The Creative Arts

Exercise 4

This exercise asked me to do some research using the online libraries available through the OCA site and to find a painting using a specified website. With this exercise asking me to use the Bridgeman Education library to look up the picture, I took a little time to look around and get used to the things available on the Bridgeman Education website before doing the research portion of the exercise.

The picture I was asked to find was as follows and I was told to find it by searching ‘Time contemporary’.

Introduction image (green).png


I found the picture rather easily, especially after I filtered the results using the terms ‘colour’ and ‘portrait’. Once found I was asked to note down the name of the artist and the title of the piece which are as follows:

Artist: Izabella Godlewska De Aranda
Title: Space, Time, Motion, Green, 2010 (Mixed Media)

I was also asked to note what I thought of the piece using 4 or 5 words. My words are: Peaceful, Calm, Serene, Dream state.


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