2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.a. Project 1: Art and Ideas

Research – Grayson Perry Lectures – Part 1

I was asked to listen to at least 1 of the Grayson Perry lectures available for download on the BBC website and make notes. I find it difficult to listen and take notes at the same time because I then tune out when I’m writing and then miss what has been said next! This is something I am working on but think will take a bit of time getting used to but luckily they have transcripts available of the lecture from printing so as soon as I get some new ink for my printer I’m going to print them off and go back through them but I just wanted to make a few reflection notes of the podcasts before I forgot. I managed to listen to the First 2 today, ‘Democracy Has Bad Taste’ and ‘Beating The Boundaries’. I have always loved podcasts and, from my time working as a cleaner, find them a great way to get information and learn while doing the unfortunately, unavoidable chores. Grayson’s lecture are actually rather great. I found he has a great voice to listen to and the right amount of whit in his speeches to not end up zoning out. His lectures are very informative yet thought provoking, he asks a lot of interesting questions and provides answers that makes sense but also provoke thought. I think my favourite of the 2 is the last one I listened to which explored the boundaries surrounding contemporary art. What is classed as contemporary art, how do we know, photography as art etc. I will have to listen over them again with the transcripts and make notes but there was one thing that stood out to me in this last podcast which was a memory of speaking to a young girl who asked him ‘How do you decide what to do your art on?’ which, for me wanting to be an artists was a very interesting question. He said that he looked at the iPhone in her hand and replied ‘well I didn’t have that’. We have access to every image ever right in the palm of our hands and that can make art an awfully confusing and difficult thing to produce. It makes it difficult for young artists to be creative. I really liked this answer as it’s so correct. With a wealth of images on social media and the internet, it can be very overwhelming to thing of where to start, what is actually classed as art and what is ‘good art’. I really enjoyed listening to the podcasts and I am looking forward to listening to the other too and looking over the transcripts in a little more detail.


The Reith Lectures – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00729d9/episodes/downloads – accessed 19-01-2017


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