2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.a. Project 1: Art and Ideas

Research – Grayson Perry Lectures – Part 2

Grayson Perry Lectures

Nice Rebellion, Welcome in.



–         Art didn’t change for a long time. The style of art was the same for thousands of years.

–         Now we’re obsessed with being different, unique and innovative.

–         Art id in it’s ‘End state’, anything can be art

–         Innovation is mere tweaking nowadays

–         Innovation, revolution, rebellion and change was almost the DNA of Art once

–         We are in the age of globalism and commercialism in art – the art world is now a series of artworks all over the world.

–         Art is produced at a quicker rate, everyone trying to create something new each time

–         Art is a perfect mode of neoliberalism

–         Radical art is becoming mainstream (Yves Kleins’ performance of painting nude women blue and printing them on canvas became the ‘love is art kit’

–         Radical gestures are now commoditised, normalised.

–         Art is now almost a political movement (worth activists vs ironic market sellouts)

–         Artists are the shock troops for gentrification. They are making areas popular, bohemian.

–         Art is becoming more than just art. (Political, economical, commercial, generic)

–         Photography is now art. Digital is becoming art.

–         Artists used to be the real innovators of technology (Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz’s ‘Hole in Space’ 1980- The grandmother of Skype)

–         Now technology is more cutting edge than art. We have photoshop, computer controlled loo etc. Art now follows technology.

–         Joseph Bevy’s prophecy that anybody could be an artist could happen now we live in the age of creative capital.

–         There’s multiple sites all over the world with different levels, places and media of experimentation in art and perhaps the culture that changes our lives and shocks us in the future will not necessarily be self-contained within the contemporary art world.


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