2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.c. Project 3 -Place in art

Exercise 1 – Exploring ‘Place’

Place. London: Thames and Hudson by Dean, T, and Millar, J. (2005)Exploring ‘Plave’

Summary of Text

Place is subjective. It’s not just an area of land, a city or a room, place has a personal connection to us. Place becomes so from a collection of memories, sentiment or familiarity. Place is something personal, created by the individual.


Is it too difficult?
I found the text a bit wordy and difficult to keep my attention on, although it’s slightly interesting, I found the text very tedious and hard going.

Do you agree with the authors or not?
I think I do in ways. I think place can be anywhere, like when I think of Japan or New Zealand, I would categorise them as places but I also understand the idea of place being familiar and somewhere holding memories. I kind of feel like it a romanticised definition and idea of what ‘place’ is but I get it and I can relate to this concept.

Has the piece expanded your understanding of what the word ‘place’ can signify
Yes. I never really though about ‘place’ before. Place has always just been a word I use for a town or area I am talking about but it was interesting to think a bit deeper about what ‘place’ really is.


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