2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.c. Project 3 -Place in art

Exercise 2 – Developing your research skills

Katie Paterson’s ‘Vatnajokull’

How would you define this piece in terms of media?
An exploration of natural sound.

Vatnajokull’s relationship to place:

  • Site specific so refers to just that one place
  • Provides an opportunity yo understand a place we would never get to visit
  • An opportunity to hear life and the natural world from a new perspective, from beneath the water and ice.
  • Connects us not just to a place as in a art of the world but a place in nature. A place that is organic and natural.

Patterson’s use of text:
found one piece on website www.katiepatterson.org called ‘Ideas’

  • Enhances her explorations of time, place and the universe
  • Gives outlet to those bigger questions we get from dealing with these topics
  • Captures the interest of life’s anomalies


Reflection on this exercise.

This is the firs exercise I feel I really struggled with. I didn’t quite understand what I was looking for or what I should have been exploring. I found the brief really vague and didn’t give an indication of how much work we were supposed to do on this. I think, because I haven’t had to do this type of analysis for a long time, I felt  very overwhelmed, confused and lacking in my ability to research from just a name and 1 piece. I couldn’t find a lot of work that involved text apart from one which I found the pieces rather unusual and difficult to analyse.


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