2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.c. Project 3 -Place in art

Exercise 3 – Gallery or Site Visit







For my gallery visit I went to a small gallery in my town centre named ‘Gallerina’ that showcases predominantly local based artists providing a great place for smaller or upcoming artists to get their work showcased and known. It has a great range of art, from retro ‘pop’ to contemporary pieces, sculpture and glass work. I was very inspired looking around this place. There really wasn’t a great deal of work relating to place and none that I could see relating to time. So for this exercise I picked one artist who does landscapes for ‘place’ and then I decided to pick my favourite overall piece as a second study.


Mark Johnston


The artist I chose for place was a man named Mark Johnston. His painting really spoke to me. I love the style and colours he uses in his work and the soft blur of the overall images. There were several pieces of Johnson’s available to view but the one that caught my eye the most was a piece called ‘Pale Sands’. It turns out, the picture I took of this piece didn’t come out too well so I had to grab one off his website.

untitledTitle: Pale Sands
Artist: Mark Johnston
Origin: England, UK
Medium: Oil paint on Linen







I thought this piece was beautiful. The image made me feel serene and calmed. The colours are blurred just beautifully and the contrast in the dark brown and green colours against the pale blue and creams provides a sense of almost dream state.

There isn’t a great deal of information about this artists online, I’m guessing from the fact that he isn’t a very well known artist but I found the below information on the artist on his website: www.johnstonarts.newforms.co.uk

‘Mark Johnston was born in Stockton on Tees in 1974. He studied at Newcastle College of Art 1991, Cumbria College 1992-93 and at Brighton University [BA] from 1993-96. Mark continues to live and paint in Brighton. His paintings are collected throughout Europe and America. ‘


Gary Crozier


This artist was by far my favourite of all those showcased in Gallerina. Specifically the piece you can below with the purple background.


Title: Unknown (I was unable to find out the name of this piece)
Artist: Gary Crozier
Origin: England, UK
Medium: Photography Mixed-Media







I loved the mix of life like photography of the face mixed with the, what looked to be, digitally painted hair adorning it. And the manipulation of the feature of the person which to me gave me a sense of Pullip Dolls which are a famous style of Japanese doll’s collected by people who enthuse in Japanese Pop Culture. His images have a very whimsical feel to them and I just loved the detail involved with these. They were so unusual and pretty creepy but still pretty and I loved that mix. The reason I chose to use this for ‘time’ was because of the information I was able to gain online about the artists. Again with him being a small, local artist, there isn’t a huge amount of information available, not even on his website, but the Gallerina website was able to give me a little bit of background on him.

‘Gary is a Newcastle based artist, Influenced by Victoriana, gothic fairy tails, the decadent Golden Age of Hollywood and Japanese popular culture. He likes his images to have a dream-like, otherworldly quality and a haunting, dark beauty. The finished pieces often have a narrative ambiguity that allows the viewer to wonder what ‘the story’ is. Many of Gary’s works are commissioned portraits, whereby the ‘sitter’ is transformed into one of his popular ‘Broken Dolls’ or perhaps an otherworldly ‘Curious creature of the night’. These personalised works are to be found in homes across the globe.’

I was delightfully surprised to find that Japanese pop culture is an influence of his as I definitely connected with this in the reference to Pullip Doll style. And the reason I feel he sits well in the category of time is his influence in Victorian, gothic and golden ages of Hollywood influences.

Gary Crozier was a huge inspiration to me. I left feeling urgent to search out his other works.



Gallerina: http://www.gallerina.co.uk/
Mark Johnston: www.johnstonarts.newforms.co.uk
Gary Crozier: http://gary-crozier.format.com/gallery


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