2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.e. Assignment one · Assignments & Feedback

Assignment One (Part A)

Reflective Learning

I think my response to the question ‘What is Art?’ has changed since I started this course. I thought art had to be something that was created, which I guess I still agree with, but I think I feel differently on what ‘created’ actually means. Before this course I said that things like photography and things were artistic but not art but I don’t think I actually agree with this statement any more. Looking at more contemporise pieces like Hirst’s Shark and the sound and light pieces, I think these are art. When you understand the context surrounding something I think it can really shift your view and I have found the art within these types of pieces through context. I think that if something moves you, then it is art. It doesn’t need to be something that has been entirely made from scratch. The art is in the response not the product.

I think the main thing I have learned through Part one is how to view art properly. Before starting this course, I only took interest in art that I thought was pretty. I was attracted to pretty colour schemes and whimsy but through learning to unpack a piece, I have found that I can view art that I may not particularly put up in my room in an artistic way. I have learned to think critically about art and that I can actually understand types of art I never thought I would or could, especially the pieces with the sound clips.

When it comes to my learning log I feel like I’m floundering a little. I’m still not sure how I want my learning log to be. I do most of my research online and I rarely have things like postcards or loose imagery lying around, I try to be very eco friendly so I never by magazines or things that I know will get thrown out and most of the art that I do is on my tablet (I have a professional drawing programme on my tablet that I used to create my artwork) so I always find myself hesitating to start a paper learning log. I know that it is expected to have print outs and postcards, I just feel like I can provide the same imagery/inspiration on a blog learning log than a paper one. I think I have a comprehensive log of my academic development so far on my learning log though. I just need to work on the creative side.



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