2. Part One - Contemporary Art · 2.d. Conclusion


Have you been surprised by your responses to any of the works in Part One?

I have been pleasantly surprised by most of my responses to the works we have been asked to look at during Part One. I have been even more surprised by my ability to take and interest and enjoyment from researching and developing an understanding for the pieces, even the ones that I didn’t exactly find overly interesting or ‘my thing’. I feel like I have opened my mind to different types of art that I wouldn’t have usually taken the time/interest in.

Have you felt inspired by any of the works you’ve looked at? If so which ones and why?

I have felt inspired by nearly every piece that I have looked at. I think that it is because I feel I have looked at art in a completely different way than I am used to which has been very interesting. By deepening my understanding of a piece has made look at it differently and not just taking inspiration from the surface piece. I may not be inspired to create things in a similar style but the way that messages and meaning are interpreted has definitely inspired me.


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