I originally  joined the OCA in 2014 on a Textiles degree and made it all the way to the final project before I realized that it wasn’t the right path for me. I decided to not complete the Textiles course and re-enrolled onto the Creative Arts pathway instead where I hope to complete my degree with a focus on illustration and drawing.

I have always loved art and drawing, ever since I can remember, but (like a lot of people) life took over and I didn’t find the time to do much drawing or painting any more. As I got older I got more into crafts like crochet and cross stitch but starting the Textiles degree and keeping a sketch book reignited my passion for drawing again and found myself wanting to draw more than complete my textiles assignments. I now draw almost every day.

I am doing this degree for me. I love to learn and challenge myself and enjoy having a focus and if I am able to do something I love and gain a qualification from it, then that’s amazing. I don’t know what my future holds but I know it’s going to be creative and I feel having this degree will allow me to venture into areas I am passionate about and will hopefully help me create a portfolio of work which will provide me with amazing opportunities in life that I never has before.

Above all else though, I am looking forward to building and refining my talents and using the guidance and direction from this course to develop my own style.