5. Part Four - Photography · 5.c. Project 3: A sense of place

A sense of place

Landscape photography Ian Berry’s images of Whitby in North Yorkshire: http://www.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=SearchResult&STID=2S5RYDIDH861 [accessed 28/01/14] Imagine the same images without the people. How would this affect your sense of Whitby as a place? The use of people give expression to these photos of the type of people who live and/or frequent Whitby. Without these people, it would… Continue reading A sense of place

5. Part Four - Photography · 5.b. Project 2: It's about time

Research Point

Paul Graham – A1 Project Sites used: https://vimeo.com/41306675 (Accessed: 06/10/2017) http://paulgrahamarchive.com/a1.html#a (Accessed: 06/10/2017) http://photobookclub.org/2012/06/08/paul-grahams-a1-the-great-north-road-a-summary/ (Accessed: 06/10/2017)     –         Spent 2 years documenting the life and landscape of the ‘great north road’ through out 1981/82 –         Made numerous trips up and down the A1(London to Edinburgh) recording every aspect of life on the road –        … Continue reading Research Point

5. Part Four - Photography · 5.b. Project 2: It's about time

Exercise 2

Earlier in Part Four you considered the argument that the ‘mechanical’ nature of photography precludes it from being considered an art. • Does this make photography a medium uniquely suited to portraying time and the passage of time? I think photography is uniquely suited to portraying time and it’s passing as essentially photography is taking… Continue reading Exercise 2

5. Part Four - Photography · 5.b. Project 2: It's about time

Exercise 1 – Part 1

• Look carefully at the following images. Also look up a fourth image, Jacques-Henri Lartigue’s Cousin Bichonnade in Flight online. Before reading the commentary, make some notes about how each conveys movement. You don’t have to write anything technical; just note down what you feel is going on in each image – and how successful… Continue reading Exercise 1 – Part 1